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Mahora Medical

Before enrolling with Mahora Medical answer yes to either of the following questions:

I am not enrolled in any other practice in Hawkes Bay

I have recently moved to Hawkes Bay, and unable to get into a primary care centre in Hawkes Bay

Our Values

Mahora Medical is unique standalone Primary Care Provider in Hastings Hawke’s Bay – where there is no corporate involvement. That means your care is truly the focus of what we do.


We accept that we all play a role in the culture of the team – everything we do contributes to our culture. We will work together to create a positive and unified team.


We see diversity of skills, approaches and experiences within our team as a strength which we utilise fully. We believe fun is crucial to performance and well-being.

Future Focused

Our focus is shared between being fully present in the now together with a mind to new possibilities and future opportunities. To continually develop and improve.


We believe in treating patients and staff respectfully and with generosity of thought.

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